Cittaslow on Euphrates

One of the things to experience in Halfeti, which has the title citta slow since 2013, is to take a boat tour on the Euphrates River. During this boat tour, you will sail between the canyons towards Rumkale and Savaşan while feeling the coolness of the legendary Euphrates River at your fingertips.

The most impressive feature of Rumkale is its magnificent location. Triangle shaped Rumkale is surrounded by deep cliffs on both sides. Additionally, high walls and a castle were built on the rocks.

It is rumored that Saint Ionannis, one of the apostles of Jesus, wrote a copy of the Bible and kept his drafts here. Also, the poet, St. Nerses I, held meetings here with imperial ambassadors to unite the sects in the 12th century. For these reasons, Rumkale is an area that is considered sacred and is frequently visited by Christians.

Savaşan is a historical settlement that was flooded by the waters of the dam. You can take photographs of houses, mosques and churches made of cut stone while resting in the tea gardens converted from old houses next to the village lake, accompanied by a gentle wind caressing your face.

In recent years, professional scuba diving has also become popular in Halfeti. You may encounter various underwater creatures during these dives. The most playful of these creatures is the serpent eel. If you get along well, it will dance for minutes under your flashlight. Underwater mosques, churches and mansions wait for you to explore them. Touching history in this fascinating atmosphere will be a very interesting experience.

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