Local Products and Gifts

Although many handicrafts have become history with the widespread industrial production in recent years, some of the traditional handicrafts continue to be kept alive in Şanlıurfa, which is one of the rare places where traditional lifestyle could be preserved. It is possible to see and touch many traditional handicraft products in the shops located in Kazaz Bazaar to the north of Gümrük Inn and in the workshops within Rızvaniye Külliye on the Balıklıgöl coast. Apart from these workshops, there are still several active workshops in different business lines in Sipahi Bazaar, Hüseyniye Bazaars and the surrounding covered bazaars.

One of the most important handicrafts in Şanlıurfa is weaving. Local cloths, abas, shawls, belts, local rugs and men’s headscarves are woven in small weaving looms called Çulha. In addition, felts of the city are considered as valuable as carpets in the region. Jewelry, one of the City’s oldest handicrafts, particularly woven and filigree wristbands made in carving and niello techniques, thin artwork cordons, and blazing are popular. Other handicrafts in Şanlıurfa include furriery, leather processing, silk processing, copper processing, kerchief making, beads making, comb making and stonery.

While visiting the unique historical richness of Şanlıurfa, do not forget to stop by these bazaars and closely examine these handicrafts, which are the wonderful products of the fine craftsmanship of Şanlıurfa craftsmen.

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