Pigeon is a passion in Şanlıurfa. There are pigeon shelters on the walls of historical houses. In Şanlıurfa, people believe that where there are pigeons, there will not be any trouble or accident and there will be happiness and fruitfulness in the houses where pigeons are fed.

The pigeons, dominating the sky of the dreamy city, are one of the miracles making this city original and habitable. From the love towards pigeons in Şanlıurfa, you can witness, what unconditional and selfless love of a human for a creature looks like... This bond between people and pigeons in Şanlıurfa will touch your heart.

It is a pleasure to watch the people of Şanlıurfa flying the pigeons they dress by attaching colorful earrings on their necks and anklets on their tiny feet. You can observe this unique bond of love closely and fly the pigeons to the sky from your palm at the “birdmen’s cafés” where pigeon enthusiasts gather or at the “Pigeon War”, which takes place as a festival once a year.

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